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Paul Mitchell

Devoted to making the world a better place, John Paul DeJoria, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell, ensures that Paul Mitchell-the first hair care brand to publicly oppose animal testing-follows animal-friendly policies and strategies at all times.

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John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet follows in the footsteps of our founders with our “Behind the Bottle” culture that brings people, passion and programs together in an effort to create a better world. It is this culture that sets us apart, making John Paul Pet one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

When checking our retail prices, please remember that all of our products come direct from manufacturer approved distributors.  We can therefore guarantee that our products are genuine.  We do not buy from on line auction sites or unregulated suppliers.  You therefore not only have our guarantee, but the manufacturers guarantee of quality.  You will also find our details listed on most of our suppliers sites, thus confirming this boast.

Our retail prices are normally set by the manufacturers and this is done to protect their brand.  If somebody else is selling it cheaper and as the price is set by the manufacturer, then you have to ask why?  What you buy elsewhere may look the same, but is it?

Also don’t forget that some of our retail items can also be salon applied and the other way round.  Some examples of retail items and/or salon treatments are clip in hair extensions, earrings, make-up, nail varnish etc, to name but a few.

Paul Mitchell


Irons - style hair faster and enjoy healthy, hydrated results with Paul Mitchell Pro Tools irons.

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Dryers - Dry hair faster and create healthy, shiney results with Paul Mitchell Pro Tools dryers.

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We stock an extensive range of hair and beauty products, that are for sale within our salon.

Why not ask your stylist or beautician what products they are using on you and then purchase those same products to use at home, in order to prolong that salon fresh experience.

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