As the name implies, hot stone massage involves the use of water treated stones for doing the massage.  Stones are placed over specific parts of the body. This sort of massage is said to evoke the inherent kundalini energy.  Before the start of the massage, the muscles are pre-treated for better response.  Massage is generally done with the use of specific oils.  Cool stones may also be used alternatively or if there are any muscle injuries or inflammation.

As with the other massage therapies, hot stone massage is associated with many benefits.  Some of the benefits are easy relaxation of the muscles, helps to get rid of stress, helps to release toxins and also reduces the pain.  By improving circulation throughout the body it promotes the overall health.

In the view of the above benefits, hot stone massage is used as a therapy to relieve certain health problems such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, back pain, depression, insomnia and problems related to blood circulation.

The use of hot stone massage to relieve pains and stress is not a new massage therapy. It has its existence since 1500 B.C, during which the Native Americans and Europeans used it.

The stones that are used include the basalt stones and polished and hardened lava stones.  These stones are heated in an electric roaster with water.  Then these stones are gradually placed along the points experiencing severe pressure.  This therapy relieves the stress within a very short period.  This is done by the calming effect they have on the mind.

Another benefit of hot stone massage therapy is by giving calmness to the mind, it helps you to go in to a state of deep meditation.  Meditation helps the body to rejuvenate from losses very easily and the body re-energizes and will be in a perfect condition to face the challenges.  If you are about to go on an important work, having a hot stone massage therapy one day ahead will keep your mind refreshed increasing your chances of success.

Individuals with arthritis fail to gain relief even after taking a great number of medications.  Hot stone massage therapy answers their problems very easily.  This massage therapy relieves the muscle pain and puts you back in to normal life, free of all those aches.  You can even obtain relief from cardiac related problems.  As said, hot stone massage improves blood circulation through the body and eliminates toxins out of the body.  It helps to maintain a healthy heart.

You do not have to wander about in search of places where hot stone massage therapy is offered.  It is offered here at Hair razor, it is even offered at spas in some of the popular vacation resorts.  The benefits you obtain from having a hot stone massage therapy are worth the money you invest.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

By Jason Ladock


Stone massage therapy has been around in many different cultures for many years. Healers used smooth stones from the river beds and warmed them using coals or hot waters. Wrapping them in cloths, they would place them on the body to relax muscles, reduce pain and stimulate healing.

Used in massage therapy, smooth basalt stones are heated in hot water. Like the older traditions, they can be placed on the body over a towel, following the energy centres. As they cool slightly, they can be used to massage the body in much the same way as the therapist’s hands – to soothe aching muscles, seek out those knots and crinkles and ease away stress.

Hot stone massage allows the therapist to blend their skills with the natural energy of the stones. The addition of moist heat induces a deep relaxation in the muscles which means that where required, deep tissue work can be done more effectively.

It is a massage which clients find can help to induce a very deep sense of relaxation.Hot stone massage is also a really good treatment for those who feel the cold! Also because the heat relaxes muscles quickly, it does allow the therapist to work the muscles without using a deep pressure. It is thought the hot stones can benefit those who suffer from

Poor circulation

Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain

Stress, anxiety and tension



Back pain and aches 

The stones are sanitized and heated up in water ½ hour before the client arrives. Traditional Swedish massage strokes are used, while holding a heated stone in the palm of the hand. When the stone cools down it is replaced with another. It is said that a single massage stroke performed with a hot stone in the hand, is worth 5 strokes of a normal Swedish massage.

Occasionally a stone may be placed in a specific point on your spine, or between your toes, while another part of your body is being massaged.

Who can benefif from a hot stone massage?

What happens during a hot stone massage?

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