Waxing PHD

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PhD, which stands for Professional, Hygienic and Disposable, is the original, tried and tested, best tube and applicator waxing system.

The unique PhD applicator is attached to a tube of high quality wax and is applied directly and evenly onto the treatment area. The applicator is thrown away after each treatment eliminating the risk of cross contamination (especially in areas prone to bleeding). Beware some salons and therapists have been known to cut costs by re-using applicators, this practice is not safe.

With PhD the simple things make all the difference. The applicator is NEVER inserted into the wax container and has a UNIQUE GATE mechanism preventing wax from re-entering the tube. This is NOT a spatula or roll-on system. The tube is held at 45° angle in the booster chamber so there is no chance of any wax flow back.

As well as being hygienic the PhD system also offers a professional, quick and easy wax, with a less painful hair removal for the client. No Drips no Mess no Smell.

PHD is the recognised leader in waxing used by therapists worldwide