Skin Type I

"Always burns; never tans".  Your skin only reddens and freckles.  If you are trying to get a tan by merging your freckles, please stop. You aren't fooling anyone.  A dark spray tan will look as natural on you as a third eye.  Try light to medium spray tanning only.  An important tip from a natural redhead: never try to go too dark on your face!

UV Tanning

Our Epcot Revolution Sun Booth uses 160 watt Reflector lamps in a Blue / Pink Combination with a UVB content of 2% to 2.6 % all with "Cup Cathode Technology" which stops lamp ends from blackening throughout their useful life.  This improves the output by controlling the lamp’s thermal economy, which reduces loss of emission material known to cause this blackening. 

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uv tanning booth

UVB % ratio to UVA

Body = 2.0 / Legs = 2.3

Exposure times


Skin type 2

3 min

Skin type 3

6 min

Skin type 4

9 min